Is Leland Chapman Divorced

why did leland chapman get a divorce? under what grounds was it granted/?

The Champan case was filed under irreconcilable differences, instead of the anticipated comparative rectitude of Maui vs Leland. In April 2005 the divorce was finalized, but coming to the grounds of irreconcilable differences was extensive. Sources claim Maui had begun to file for divorce after the 2003 Andrew Luster charges against Leland. Using ‘confinment in prison’ as her legal basis, while Leland was told to counter act with ‘abandonment’ . Both are heavy grounds for a married couple, and while Maui’s basis was clear (Leland was in a Mexican Prison), Leland would have had a harder time proving he was abandoned by her when it had to do with her grounds – him being confined in the first place. (Personally I think leaving your husband to rot in jail IS CLEARLY abandonment but hey. . . ) By the time the hearings were drawing near, Leland was out of jail and Maui’s grounds had to be abolished. Leland could have kept his case of abandonment, but they negotiated (having not signed any pre-nups) and filed for irreconcilable differences , both parties w/o blame Maui was granted custody of Dakota and Cobie, Leland has visitation rights ( this verdict was partially because of Leland’s then-recent incarceration, which decreased his rights and so-called capabilities as a father in a court of law)
Leland and Maui are still friends – she can be seen on the 1st or 2nd episode in Season 1 – Dog the Bounty Hunter, along with Dakota – greeting Leland with a ‘ hey babe’ and a kiss. Pretty bad if you ask me , Leland can do sooooo much better ( P.s. Maui’s like an Amazon Woman – almost 6 foot w/o heels and twice the size of Leland but she’s not fat. )



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